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5 Simple Rules to Not Be a Douche on Snapchat

1. I swear to God if you’re not meeting Jesus or Kim Kardashian don’t ever fucking send me the same snapchat you are putting on your story. I literally cannot think of any reason as to why this would be okay. 9 times out of 10 I don’t want to see your Snapchat to begin with, and I CERTAINLY do not want to see it twice.

2. There is NEVER a reason for a 10 second Snapchat. 5 seconds when I need to focus on both the text and the picture. 4 seconds for a 3 seconds for an outstanding photo. 2 seconds for a simple photo. 1 second for a nude.

3. Facial Recognition Filters are never going to happen, stop trying to make them happen. I LIVE for a geotag. Can’t get enough of the pretty filter that is basically airbrushing. Getting 100s of face swapped snaps or videos of you as a dog? I swear if I see another personal using and abusing these I’ll just loose it. **Occasionally** they release a cool 24 hour one (I’m looking at you Dirty Grandpa inspired solo cup and snap back filter). Overall these were cool when they started but now I’m over it. Maybe it’s because Snapchat never recognizes my face, but whatever.

4. Unless you are eating at the most magical restaurant in the world, don’t fucking send me a Snapchat of your food. I don’t want to see your pathetic lunch at work, I don’t want to see your mediocre dinner, and I definitely don’t want to see you’re drink at the bar. I’ve seen it all in person, and you’re snap is fucking boring.

5. Official petition to stop lip syncing videos. I mean I do it. But I hate myself for it. I’m also conscious of the number of these I sent. aka ONE per day…max. We all have that friend who you see “Snapchat from…” and you know it’s gonna be a fucking car sing along video. We’re over it.


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