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An Open Letter to… In N Out Customers

“I’m gonna get my burger protein style”. No statement makes my eyes roll anymore than this. God forbid you eat the 200 calorie bun with your 600 calorie fucking cheese burger. Good for you! No carbs! img-0340_orig

Look, I’m not an avid In N Out eater. I’m not trying to act like I belong or know all. I mean I’ve eaten In n Out probably a mere 5 times in my life but seriously nothing makes me cringe more than tourists who’ve recently googled the “secret menu” and try to act all in the know. When you’re standing in the ordering like and you hear someone rattling off…”animal style, cold cheese, extra double 4×4 blah blah”. I can’t explain it but I feel so uncomfortable when people are so fucking cliché. Like just order the damn cheeseburgers. I can’t.


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