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Quarter Life Crisis Reflection

Life is fucking rough. I recently turned 25 and redefined the words “quarter life crisis”. I quit my job, moved out of my apartment and literally discovered I have no direction in life.


If you’re like me, your college major was not one with a clear path. Unless you’re a doctor or a lawyer, or something along those lines, your degree only helps you so far. My older sister is a doctor, and has always wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, her years in med-school were challenging and filled with ups and downs, but I’ve always envied her direct vision and path for life. She’s wanted to be a doctor her whole life, so once she graduated school, she knew where she was going next.

Me on the other hand, spent my college years having fun with friends and being active on campus. I majored in a classic “I’m lost” major. I wasn’t an out of control partier who didn’t take school serious, but I also wasn’t the most refined student. I was involved and always attended class, but never with an end point in mind. I never bothered to take summer jobs or finding and internships serious and when I graduated school I felt (what I thought was) the most lost I could possibly be.

After graduating I took a classic entry level finance job. I found myself working 9-5 Monday through Friday in a dull office building. I was literally doing nothing more than going through life’s motions. Flash forward to two and a half years later and here I am. Job-less and more lost than I was years ago, when I thought I was completely lost.


I genuinely believe that some people, myself included, weren’t made for your basic 9-5 job. I’m not saying those aren’t important, and aren’t right for some people, but I just cannot see myself doing that. Can you honestly tell me you think Leonardo DiCaprio would be just as valuable as a human if he was crunching numbers 40+ hours a week and not in movies? I’m not by annnny means comparing myself or my skill levels to Leo, but I have to be onto something here. People have different skill sets, different things that satisfy them, and those who aren’t fulfilled by a “classic” job have no where to really turn to for guidance. Whenever I bring this fact up with people around me, especially older generations, they always assume I’m being lazy, or joking that I don’t even want to work. That’s not at all what I mean. I am completely bored (and broke) with no job, and I would love to be working. But I would love to be working somewhere I enjoyed myself. Mark Twain said it best, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in the life.”

Older generations will listen to me joke about how I would love a job where I can Instagram or tweet all day, and call me a classic millennial, but is that even that far off from something useful? No it’s not brain surgery, or settling large court cases, but it’s what I enjoy, and someone, or some company, out there could truly benefit from someone with skills like me, I just don’t think they know it yet.

I often find myself dozing off wondering if there’s ever going to be a job I truly enjoy, if that’s even possible, but I am confident there will be. It might take a few years, and many, many pity parties, but all I can do now is try things out and hope for the best.



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