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Gift Guide: The World Traveler

The holidays can be rough. I feel like you come to an age where if you want or need something, you really just get it yourself. So many times Birthday’s or Holiday’s come up and I have no idea what to get a family member or friend, because they literally just have everything! Or you don’t want to spend too much and you can’t come up with a cheaper but thoughtful option. Over the year’s I’ve come up with a few lists of good things to gift for different type of people, with options ranging in price, but easily accessible.


Whether it be for work, or the lucky fun traveler, we all have that friend who is constantly traveling. And I’ve yet to find someone, no matter what their travel experience is, who genuinely enjoys traveling and airports. Over the years I’ve lived in several cities and have been fortunate to go on some great vacations, so I’ve come up with a good guide to making traveling just a bit less stressful.

Fuzzy Slipper Socks

These things are LIFE CHANGING. They’re perfect for the airport, but also amazing for wearing around the house. One thing I love about giving these as a gift is that not only are they cheap but they also come in so many different patterns you can really personalize them. I personally love my wine ones, but these can be found all over. I also love these Target ones – a little more mature and less obvious for the more mature traveler 😉

Sleeping Masks


Honestly, I never understood these until recently. I always loved the idea of them – especially after seeing actresses sport these in movies and TV shows, but they always freaked me out to sleep in. Recently I started taking more red eye flights and I literally don’t know how I ever survived without a eye mask! These seriously tune out any outside light and are usually made in a silk or fuzzy material which can be super calming to your eyes. Like the slipper socks, these are cheap and come in a variety of patterns. This J-Crew mask is technically mens, but I love it! Ulta also has a great selection in their spa section.

Travel Blanket


This is another product I truly don’t know how I lived without. A year ago I stupidly showed up to a red eye flight in a strapless tank top and jean shorts, after getting through security I had an absurd moment of clarity where I realized this was the outfit I would be wearing on my 10 hour flight home. I stopped into the classic airport store and bought a simple pink fleece blanket and it’s been my favorite travel companion ever since. It might seem like a bland, strange gift, but the recipient will be thanking you in no time. I don’t expect you to do your gift shopping at an airport, so there are many options to find these online or at your local travel store. The key here is to get a thin and not too large fleece blanket, something they can easily throw in their carry on.

Neck Pillow


A travel pillow makes it possible to sleep on any flight. This is necessary to keep your head from falling all over your neighbor. These tend to be a little bulkier, but honestly I can’t imagine traveling without them. I even use mine at home when I’m sitting up watching TV! You can find these all over – and in every single pattern and fabric imaginable!

Tea Bags


I personally cannot go to sleep without a nice cup of tea. Bringing your own tea bags on a flight is a huge money saver. Most airport restaurants or Starbucks will give you a free cup of hot water – or charge you minimal. When you’re on your flight, its super easy (and free!) to get a cup of hot water from the Stewardess. Not only will you be saving them money, but you’re offering an easy herbal way for them to calm down and fall asleep. I don’t need to tell you where to buy these – but I will tell you many Celestial brands come with a little tin box that is super useful for traveling!

Mini Travel Kit


One of the best gifts – no joke – I’ve ever received was from an ex boyfriend (lol). Just to summarize how my dating life goes here’s a backstory of my gift: We were long distance in college and he flew home to see me and my family over Christmas. He forgot to buy me a Christmas gift (I know) so his only idea was to get me a premade travel kit – with mini products inside of a nice travel make up bag. A breakup soon followed (for more reasons that just the gift, don’t worry!) but to this day I still use this bag every time I travel. Mine was Tumi and contained: tooth paste, toothbrush, mouth wash, Advil, lotion, an eye mask (see above), and obviously you can customize the contents. All you need for this is a cheap & small make up bag and a trip to the travel section at CVS!
*Edit: he must have gotten his on a Delta flight! Andy’s travel blog does a great review of the kit!


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