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Gift Guide: The Alcohol Lover

Most of us in our mid 20s (and probably older) can admit to having a slight alcohol dependence. Whether to unwind after a long day in the office, or to let loose on the weekends, alcohol is our friend. But, on the positive side, most of us are what I like to call “functional alcoholics”. We still get up every day and do the damn thing, the alcohol just softens the reality blow. If you’re thinking to yourself – this is soo not me, I’m NOT an alcoholic, then genuinely, good for you, you’ve learned to navigate this thing called the real world pretty smoothly. But – you are one in a million, and you must have friends who fall into this category. That’s why for this edition of my gift guides, I’m gonna help you treat that special functional alcoholic in your life! Because, if nothing else, the holiday’s give us a good excuse to drink during the day, and these gifts will be the hit at any occasion!

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


A friend of mine recently purchased these and I literally cannot get over how cool these are. They add a little salt flavoring to your tequila, so you can finally sip on that tequila without having to chase with a salt shaker after every drink. They’re adorable and can come with a super cute serving tray! Also for an added bonus, since salt is an anti-bacterial, they allege you don’t even need to really wash these. Um, I’ll take 10 orders, thanks! Get these here.



Unfortunately, a lot of us had to leave the beer bong at the Fraternity house door upon graduation. LUCKILY we live in a super revolutionary country and the Chambong was created. This is the perfect way to continue your bonging abilities but with a touch of class. This is the perfect gift for your slightly snobby friend who still likes to have a good time.

Party Smart Pill


99% of people* will say the worst thing about growing old is how you just can’t tolerate drinking or a hangover the way you used to. Fortunately for us there is a slight cure to this besides wasting away in your bed all day. Shannon Beador of the RHOC put this one on the map for us and they make the perfect stocking stuffer of an addition to any gift. You take this pill before you go out and it seriously does help prevent your hangover the next day. We are all about this one! Get it online or in your local Whole Foods!

(*Note: not real statistics)


Drink Chillers


So long solo cups filled with vodka, hello classy vodka on the rocks! These things are the perfect gift because they come in a variety of shapes and symbols, and they instantly class up any drink. They help keep your drink ice cold and also help justify those frequent nightcaps. You can get these at pretty much any store that carries bar type supplies, or online. Our favorite place to shop for them is Uncommon goods, and we love these nautical one’s or a classic square!

Mixology Book


In college my go to drink was a vodka with any kind of soda I could find, even the occasional orange soda in a time of real desperation. I’ll never forget the first time I had friends over for a pre-game, post college, and didn’t know what the appropriate mixers were! Not everyone is down to mix their vodka with coke, or their whiskey with sprite – a lot of people out there actually know what they’re doing when it comes to mixology and you should too! A mixology book is a book people in their 20s will for sure want to read, and they’ll appreciate this when they’re trying to impress some guests! We love The Ultimate Bar Book – it covers so many types of liquors and with over 1000 recipes, you can bring a different option every time and really look like you know what’s up!

Craft Beer


This can be tricky if you have a beer snob in your life, but is usually totally worth it. Most liquor stores and even some grocery stores now often offer a make your own six pack option. Basically, it’s just how it sounds, you get to pick 6 different (or the same) beers and put them in a six pack. It’s the perfect way to test out different types of beers. Maybe you know a brewery they really like, and you can get a variety of that, or try sticking to one flavor so they can compare companies. Or, if you’re like me, you just go in and pick the funnest 6 bottles. Whatever combination you go with, it’s always fun to test out different beers, and there’s more and more craft beer coming on the market these days. This is a creative gift that is perfect for your favorite beer lover!


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